Jennifer Merchant

Jitka helped me stay focused and active with my health and fitness goals.  She developed a variety of exercises and programs to address different muscle groups within my body for a comprehensive approach to strength training. Additionally, she suggested cardio routines to perform on my own in between training sessions.  She is open to trying new classes and ways to keep your mind and body engaged to ensure you stay energized and held accountable to goals.  She recommended tips for nutrition changes and supplements as well. I recommend Jitka as a personal trainer!!  

~ Jennifer Merchant, Brooklyn, NY 

Khalid Hadeed

Testimonial about Ms. Jitka Walls: During my time in NYC (2009-2013), I was very lucky to train under Ms. Jitka Walls at Crunch Fitness, Fort Greene, Brooklyn. I came to Ms. Walls with a range of concerns, from excess weight and weak muscles to poor balance and a partially dislocated shoulder. Ms. Walls carefully noted all my concerns and built me a program tailored to my specific needs. She was always punctual, polite, friendly, observant, and responsive to my success (or lack thereof!) during our sessions, and she refused to give up on me or "cut me some slack" even when I felt ready to surrender to my inherent laziness and set aside my goals for an indeterminately far point in the future. For all this and more, I will always be grateful to have had Ms. Walls as my personal trainer, and I highly recommend her to anyone serious about improving their physical health and/or appearance.  ~ Khalid Hadeed.


Danielle DePippo

I trained with Jitka for a few years for 1-3x/week. I loved working with her because she always challenged me without being too intimidating. She always knew when to push, and when I really did need a break. She not only trained me, but gave me nutritional advice (and became a friend!). Her prices were reasonable, and she was always flexible with her schedule, which I appreciated given my job's volatility. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone friendly and encouraging to help them get (or stay) in shape!

~ Danielle DePippo

Rebecca Hu

Jitka is a great personal trainer. She not only varies her routines just when you get used to them, but she also holds you accountable to progress. She knows when you're slacking because you want to, and she knows how far to push you to your limit, even when you don't.   She listens to your preferences and adapts routine so you get the max out of your sessions. I've fallen in love with working out when I never thought I could utter those words, ever. Thank you, Jitka, for transforming not only my body but also my mind.  

~ Rebecca Hu