Andre Walls

My fitness journey started with wanting the benefits and I hated the discomfort of physical activity. But I still had love for playing sports to lifting weights. Being able to perform. Only if I knew it wouldn’t be that simple. Then high school football, brought matters into perspective. Trying to reach your goals, size, strength, and speed. But dealing with the possibility of getting hurt or injured, and then having to rehabilitate. That reality is intimidating.

You look around and realize everyone is starting from a different point. Many of us struggling to meet expectations. I didn’t like how ignorant I was about my body. But I was damaging it no problem.

So not reaching my goals right away. I decided to go into a field of study relatively close. To get passed the obstacles. Looking for knowledge in part an advantage in my favorite sport. That’s exactly what happened. Alongside college, I graduated from American Academy of Personal training. Then continuing my education at Crunch, Blink, Maedfit and freelancing. Growing with exercises, and nutrition.

All up to now and still continuing as I pursue my own goals. With the upmost confidence of securing old injures and taking precaution with the future. I'm grateful I did learn this and more than willing to simplify the madness or confusion for others also looking to grow themselves.

Specializations: TRX, KettleBell, Strength&Conditioning, Corrective/Functional exercises, Sports Specific Training. CPR & AED certified.