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Jitka Walls

has been in the wellness industry for over a decade. She has been helping people to set the right path in fitness and wellness so they can be living the life they really want and focusing their energy on “well-being”

            What brought her here was the first moment when she found out that she was pregnant. That moment changed her life. She changed her diet and become active. After giving birth, she had a much faster recovery and more energy to take care of her newborn son. She wanted to share her story of changing her life upside down with everyone because she wanted everyone to feel amazing as she did. It was the first time that the idea of becoming a personal trainer came to her and a few years later she was training and helping people to turn their lives around too

During her travels in the past few years, one of her absolute favorite place to visit was Bali.  There she has fallen in love with Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage and Sound Bath. The relaxing sound and vibration is a powerful way of letting go and to heal your body and mind at the same time. This feeling has inspired her to learn more about it! She has completed the full course of her study with "Inner World" in Bali and become Tibetan singing bowls therapist.

            She has graduated AAPT (American Academy of Personal Training, NY) and she is a Certified Personal Trainer by the NYS Board of Education. In addition, she is also certified in Training Children,  Pre and Post Natal Training as well as training Active Aging Adults.