It may not be an easy journey and you may find several obstacles in your way to the final destination of your health and well-being,  but our mission is to get you there. We are not going to let you give up. Together we will find a way to help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals! 


  • We offer Online Coaching, One on One Personal Training as well Nutritional Advice 

  • Custom design wellness program based on your health and fitness goals

  • It's never easy to find the time to go to the gym so we offer personal training in the comfort of your own home 

  • Specializing in training Perimenopausal and Menopausal Women, Active Aging Adults and we are helping people to reduce Chronic Pain

  • Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage - by appointment only


Jitka Walls, Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach and Founder 

Andre Walls Jr., Personal Trainer


Petra Dohnalova, Nutritionist 

Conaugh-Mae Cutler @Maedfitllc, Personal Trainer and Boxing Coach